Simple Payment Steps :

1. After confirmation of the stock availability, transfer the total purchase amount including the postage charges to RHB account no. xxx-xxxx-xxxx

2. To avoid any delay on delivery of your order(s), please keep us inform via sms/whatapps/email once payment is done.
Please include details as follow after payment was made to us:
a. Product Descriptions : xxxxxxx
b. Payment Date & Time : xx/xx/2013 (xx.xx am/pm)
c. Total Amount (RM) : RM xx.xx
d. Buyer name : Mr/Mrs/Ms. xxxxxx
e. Contact number : 01x xxx-xxxx
f. Address : xxx, xxxxx, xxxxx 
3. Payment verification will made on the same day and we will keep you update after that.

4. Delivery of goods will carry out as fast as we can so to reach your door sooner the better. Tracking number of the goods delivered will sent to you once goods had been sent out to your address.

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